Lisa Toolkit

From: Karl Maftoum <k_maftoum_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 21:00:09 +1100


I've recently been doing some coding on the Lisa, and have run into an area of which I have no documentation. Excuse me if this sounds totally off the mark, but:

I can build, and compile programs under Workshop, but I want to take the next step and integrate with the Office System. I am using QuickPort to do this, and everything compiles and builds nicely, but am I right in assuming that to take something from a "tool". i.e. {T123}OBJ to an runnable icon in Office Manager, I need the Lisa Toolkit? Does anyone have an image of the Toolkit they'd be willing to share?

I do like coding in Pascal, it reminds me of my first few years at uni. There is a fair amount of stuff out there that could be ported without too much difficulty, plus I want to explore the LisaOS a bit more, so if anyone has any idea about programming the Lisa, i'd really appreciate it.


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