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From: Jim Carroll <jcarroll_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 07:13:51 -0800

Hi Adrian,

I think James cleared it up for us. What "breaks it" is the missing Lisa serial number for software encoding. The AB roms aren't actually "MAC" roms as the Mac rom emulation is actually achieved through software. That is the first disk you pop in when booting mac (Macworks). This disk contains the 64k mac rom software (quickdraw and all of the managers like window, menu, font, etc.). So you are correct that it is the screen kit that breaks it but only because of the missing serial number. And I also believe that many MacXL's did ship without the screen kit. The Lisa 2/10 and MacXL are one in the same it just depends when you purchased it.



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I thought it was because the Upgrade kit included Mac ROMs as opposed to Lisa ROMs that could emulate the Mac ROMs with MacWorks? Or is the MacXL a Lisa 2/10 with the upgrade kit AND the Mac ROMs? I've always thought the screen kit WAS the one that broke things, but weren't early MacXLs shipped without the screen kit?

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