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From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:37:36 -0800

Hi Karl, et al,

>I can build, and compile programs under Workshop, but I want to take the
>next step and integrate with the Office System. I am using QuickPort to do
>this, and everything compiles and builds nicely, but am I right in assuming
>that to take something from a "tool". i.e. {T123}OBJ to an runnable icon in
>Office Manager, I need the Lisa Toolkit? Does anyone have an image of the
>Toolkit they'd be willing to share?

I believe the Lisa Toolkit was required to "fully integrate" your app into the Lisa OS, and I too would like to see a copy of the disks and documentation.

I presume it included the routines for the Lisa equivalent of "Publish and Subscribe"/OLE and similar high tech stuff, but was not required for a standalone app.

Note that the Lisa Toolkit is not the same as the Workshop Supplement (which was support files for building Mac programs with the Lisa Pascal Workshop).

I expect that you can get most of what you want without the Lisa Toolkit...

I have a copy of something that claims to be a QuickPort Programmer's Guide.

Chapter 4 is "Bringing Your Application to the Lisa Desktop" which says...

4.1 Adding the USES List Elements
Before bringing your application to the Lisa desktop you must add the required USES list elements to your MAIN program...

4.2 System Configuration

4.3 Generating Your Tool

4.4 Installing Your Tool
After you run qp/make successfully, you must intall the application on the Lisa dekstop. This installation process creates a tool icon and stationery pad for your tool. To install a tool you run InstallTool from the Workshop.

Dunno if that helps... I've never tried it.


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