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From: Dan Knight <dan_knight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 05:42:45 -0400

When we lost the Clock Chipping page, Stefan Daehler posted to the Vintage Macs list:


and when Gregg Eshelman mused:

>Now if only we could find a copy of that review
>on the Brainstorm accelerator...

Stefan Daehler noted:


I've updated all links to the Schrier site throughout Low End Mac (gotta love BBEdit!) and added a link to the Brainstorm SE accelerator to the SE page. I have a Plus with a Brainstorm upgrade -- love it! My local Apple dealer has a Brainstorm SE in for service. I'm going to have to see if the customer is going to fix or abandon it. ;-)

That said, we have a real problem on the Web: vanishing content. Some shows up later on a new server, like Marc Schrier's clock chipping information. Some is gone forever.

I'd like to offer the resources of Low End Mac and Cobweb Publishing in keeping some of that good Mac-related stuff available. (Like the other day, when I couldn't find the Power Mac 6200 Page, something I had linked to years ago.)

If you have or know of a page or small collection of pages that is in danger of disappearing, contact <webmaster_at_email.domain.hidden> about having those pages archived on Low End Mac. Good resources should not be lost. (Another great option: have Apple host your pages on mac.com!)

If you have or know of a Mac-related site that's in danger of disappearing, have the webmaster contact <webmaster_at_email.domain.hidden> about low cost site hosting or the possibility of moving the domain to Cobweb Publishing for the sake of posterity.

(do not reply to the list - thanks!)

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