Re: LisaList digests available?

From: Dan Knight <dan_knight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 17:18:44 -0400

David Craig writes:

>I'm a LisaList subscriber and have received the LisaList digest since early
>2001. But I'm missing a few digits, mainly the original ones.
>Can I get copies of the following digests?

I have all the 2000 and 2001 digests archived in separate FileMaker Pro (v3.0) databases. Well, almost all. Even I don't have the original LisaList Digest #1 from 6/19/00. If anyone on the list would like these two archives, email <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden> and tell me which year(s) you want.

>Also, the digests have a strange numbering pattern. My earliest digest is
>dated 03 January 2001 and has digest # 45. I recall that this list started
>around that time (right?). Digests from vastly different dates also have the
>same digest number, e.g. digest 56 dated October 11, 2001 and digest 56
>dated January 5, 2001.

The Maclaunch mail/list server has had some teething problems. Some lists have had to be recreated from scratch a few times, which results in the numbering sequence restarting at 1.

The first digest #1 apparently went out on 6/10/00. That was handled by Macjordomo on a Mac at home, back when I was paying through the nose for 24/7 access via ISDN. We moved this and all the other lists to MacLaunch in August 2000.

The second digest #1 was 8/1/00.

LisaList Digest #1 was also produced on 9/17, 9/19 (two different ones!), and 9/20/00.

We managed to get up to Digest #61 before the next MacLaunch meltdown. The most recent Digest #1 came out on 1/20/01 -- and we've been numbering sequentially ever since. ;-)

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