From: Rick Ragnini <lisa2_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 16:56:02 -0600

Hello all,
I have nothing to do with the auction and I am not going to bid on it (I have two already), but there seems to be some hype brewing about the XLerator for sale on ebay. After reading some of the questions asked about it, I thought you guys may be interested in a little F.Y.I. about the XLerator 16. After looking at the picture I agree with James that it is an XLerator 16 with the Fast SCSI option, it also appears to have the Math CoProcessor socket option. This card cost $895 in 1992! The picture does not show any ram or the MathCo. It does require Ram to operate. This board is a accelerator for the Lisa2 and Mac XL that uses a 68000 CPU running at 16 Mhz. It has four 30 pin simm sockets (like a MacPlus). When it came out 1 meg simms where the biggest available for a total of 4Megs of ram (It may support rare 2mb simms, and can be modified to use two four meg simms and two 1 meg simms for a total of 10 Megs of RAM). This memory runs on the XLerator's faster 16Mhz bus. The Fast SCSI port option was called "Fast" because like the RAM it was on the 16Mhz bus of the card and was faster than the SUN SCSI card that ran in the Lisa's 5Mhz card slot. The Math CoProcessor option allows you to add a 68881 or 68882 FPU and came with patching software to allow some popular 68K mac apps to use the FPU for faster processing (most mac apps will not use the FPU without patching, because Apple never sold a 68000 mac with a FPU). As far as I know the XLerator is for the Macworks environment only, and requires a Macintosh Control Panel to operate and set up any options. It may co-exsist with the LisaOS but will not speed up or add memory to Lisa Applications. In the MW+ environment it will run apps at 16Mhz and does allow you to use 4megs of ram (The lisa slot ram can sometime be used as cache memory), In the MW+2 environment the XLerator will allow you to use up to 10 Megs of ram with up to system 7.5. I think that later versions of the XLerator software also required Sun's 800K floppy upgrade and probably need the Mac Screen Mod as well. This is the type of information that I hope to have up on my web site soon.
Hopefully this will clear up some questions, Rick
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