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From: Dan Knight <dan_knight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 09:18:03 -0500

Looking at the email to the listmom address, I see it's time to send out this reminder.
  1. Be sure to mention which list(s) you are on when you send questions like "Why can't I post" or asking me to change your subscription address or mode.
  2. Never send "unsubscribe" or other list commands to the posting address. Use the "mailto" address included with each message or digest to switch mode or unsubscribe. (AOL users, note that the AOL mail client is pretty dumb and tends to include "mailto:" when you click on these links. You'll have to strip out that part -- and hope that maybe someday AOL will make a fully standards compliant email client.)
  3. If you have problems switching mode, unsubscribing, posting, etc., contact me at <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>. This is one of my priority email addresses. Email sent to any other address may never be read. (Sorry, but between spam, legitimate email, spam, email lists, spam, messages from affiliate programs, and spam, it's simply not possible to get through everything that comes in each day.)
  4. If you have a posting bounced, the bounce message will always explain why. If it says you are not a subscriber, that's because your return address is not the same as your subscribed address. If it says you've sent the wrong kind of text, that's because the lists are set to accept plain text email and reject anything else. If it says you've sent a multi-part message, that's because the list is set to reject any and all attachments.

I've updated the automated message subscribers receive once they confirm their subscription to include the following:

This is an automated message from the [LISTNAME] mailing list manager. You are subscribed to [LISTNAME] as [YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS].

Also note that this list only accepts plain text email. The list server is set to reject styled text and any type of attachment. Anything other than plain text will be bounced.

All questions about this mailing list not covered in the FAQ (linked at
<>) or netiquette page
<> should be sent to

5. Sorry, digest subscribers, but the list software simply doesn't know how to number postings within a digest.

6. The LowEndMac list has a revised focus. Instead of being a general Mac list (with all the specific lists, very little general discussion ever took place on this list) and place to discuss the Low End Mac site, the LowEndMac list is now for discussing the site and the lists themselves, sort of a "metalist" about the lists. I've updated the FAQ to reflect this change.

Dan the listmom

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