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From: Dan Knight <dan_knight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 09:37:38 -0500

  1. subscribers

If you're using a email address for these lists like me, you may not have seen any messages or digests since Thursday. I've checked the archive -- active lists remain active, but a lot of messages destined for addresses have bounce. I've even been unsubscribed from one list because of this. :-(

I'm starting to get messages in my mailbox again, so the problem seems to have been cleared up on Apple's end. I have also reinstated all the dropped addresses on the SuperMacs list, along with a few other domains that were lost on that list in the past few days.

2. all subscribers

I have made a small change to the list for the sake of a few subscribers who don't use Western European (ISO or Latin-1) character sets which should enable them to post to the lists. I hope this won't make a mess of things for the rest of us.

Note that the list server is set to reject anything but plain text. It will reject attachments and styled text. It will also reject any message over 10K in size and with the digest name as the subject.

3. Low End Mac finances

As noted on Low End Mac on Friday
<>, our finances are in a real
bind again. The site and lists remain free, but we are soliciting donations from those who wish to support Low End Mac. Our suggested donation for list members is $1 for each list you're subscribed to. This is strictly optional but does help keep LEM going.

To donate via PayPal, use the following incredibly long link:

=Low+End+Mac&item_number=LEM&no_shipping=1&return=http%3A// ancel_return=http%3A//>

To donate via the Amazon honor system, use this link:


To donate via Kagi:


If sending funds any other way:

Cobweb Publishing, Inc.
Attn: LEM Donation
2544 Martin S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

As noted on our support page, our overhead is 30 plus 2.2% for PayPal donations, 15 plus 15% for Amazon, and 50 plus 10% for Kagi. We hope to announce another option via Paythrough later this week at a fixed 30% rate -- a good alternative to PayPal and for the sub-$2 donations.

Any and all support greatly appreciated.


Dan the listmom

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