Re: Here is the 1.8 amp Lisa Power supply schematic

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 21:43:48 +0200

Hello John,

thanks for posting your link about the Lisa 1.8 A Power-Supply. This one seems to be one of plenty of identical 1.8 A schematics. Unfortunately the 1.8 A Power-Supplies which have been manufactured from 1984 and later vary in deed in a lot of details from this schematic. A short overview about the difference between the schematic is listed below. Well, it looks like somebody will have to draw the "other" schematic sometime...

Schematic                                  Hardware

fully transistorized                       Op-Amps and Transistors
Switching unit with Thyristors             with Transistors

in fact of this little differences, you can take a short look at your Power-Supply and then decide which type you posess. If you can see an additional board with IC's, Transistors, Diodes, Resistors and two Potentiometers mounted with a plug-array vertically in the middle of the main-board of the power-supply, then it is the one which differs from this schematics, unfortunately...

At the end, a little history perhaps?
Some hardware manufactories sometimes published old schematics to garantee their future work with repairing their products and/or nobody could take possession of the know-how. In europe a still practised proceeding, concerning hifi and consumer-electronics. In this case very likely; but James' hint, about the licensed production seems to be the conclusion: All three of my identical 1.8 A power-supplies made 1985, 1987 and 1991 have been manufactured by Data Power Inc. Santa Ana, California, the schematics are originally from Apple, no wonder that there are differences!

So, who has contacts to -if still existing- Data Power Inc. and perhaps their products and schematics?
Perhaps somebody of the LisaList is resident there and some donations are made for a copy of an existing schematic (their Part-No 34-40 94V-0 with e.g. assy no 99P0073-00) and nobody has to redraw it !!!

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>Betreff: Here is the 1.8 amp Lisa Power supply schematic
>Datum: Son, 30. Dez 2001 20:20 Uhr

>> If anyone does find a schematic for this power supply, please let us all
>> know, I suspect many of us care.
> I've posted the 1.8A supply schematic:
> I can tell its the 1.8A because it has taps on the main transformer for
> changing AC voltage.
> Hope this helps! Unfortunately, the schematic for the 1.2A supply isn't
> scanned, let me know if anyone needs its and I'll scan it and post it.
> John
> jlewczyk_at_email.domain.hidden

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