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From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:21:30 -0500

This is the first of two emails I'm sending to all of the lists this evening. This one covers a bunch of little topics; the second will address top vs. bottom posting.

--> Annoying Messages From the List Server

We are aware of the annoying messages. We have made Maclaunch aware of the problem. It has been going on for months, and it looks unsolvable. We do not run the server; we have no way to fix it.

We will be making an end run around the problem eventually. That's the next point.


We have registered our own domain specifically for handling our 30-some email lists. We have the server up and running, and I will be leading a team in the creation of the greatest list management software ever devised for handling multiple lists. But it's going to take time.

After I send these emails out, I will begin to outline the program and the steps needed to create it on the Mac Webmasters email list. If you have programming experience and are at all interested in this open source project, please join the list.

It is most likely that the program will be written in PHP and make extensive use of MySQL. Other suggestions will be welcome on the list.

--> Off Topic vs. On Topic Postings

These are unmoderated lists. Except for the swap list, where discussion is forbidden, we try to keep the focus on the Mac and Mac related issues. Mac related includes things you do on the Mac, such as printing, browsing the Web, handling email, etc.

We have some leeway for off topic postings, but not much. The busier the list, the less likely we are to welcome an off topic thread coming along and taking over digest after digest. This is particularly true of lists such as PCI PowerMacs, Vintage Macs, and the iMac List, which are already quite busy.

--> The Nannies

The list nannies help keep the lists on target, try to correct violations of netiquette, and have the full authority to temporarily or permanently ban subscribers in cases where they believe it is necessary. They also have their own list where they can discuss these decisions with each other.

In a pinch, a nanny can act on a list that isn't their own, but this will mostly take place if the regular nanny is on vacation.

If you have problems with the way a nanny is handling something, don't rant on the list -- send a reasonable note to the nanny. Rants will generally be grounds for unsubscribing someone permanently.

--> The Lists

We runs a host of lists. One for pre-G3 PowerBooks and another for G3 and G4 'Books. One for pre-PCI Power Macs, one for pre-G3 PCI Power Macs, and one for G3 and G4 models. We also have clone lists for Motorola, Power Computing, and Umax, as well as the Old Mac MP list for the DayStar clones and other dual- and quad-processor models.

We have a list just for System 6, and another for those installing OS X on unsupported hardware. We have national lists for Canada, the UK, and down under (mostly Australia and New Zealand). We even have lists for the Apple II, Lisa, and Newton.

Because of this, we ask that you try to ask questions on the appropriate list. We allow some leeway, but not too much. For instance, don't ask iMac questions on the Vintage Macs list. Plus or minus a generation is our guideline if you must ask questions about off topic hardware.

--> The List Mom

I am running myself ragged. I will be taking most of the last week of the month off. I need to get away from the responsibilities of 30-some mailing lists, 3-5 new articles on Low End Mac, and all the other stuff for a few days. Clear my head. Let the nannies handle the lists. Maybe even find some time to do some programming, photography, reading, etc.

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