From: German Monti <jerjes_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 18:39:27 -0300

Hi everybody,

  I'm still having problems starting my Macintosh XL (ROM H/88).

  I've tried flipping the flywheel after turning on the power and it turned out to be a solution, but not for long. I turned off the computer for a while and it needed the flywheel to be flipped again to go when turning the power on. Is possible a more permanent solution to it?

  Afterwards there was a "clack" sound from the solenoid and a strange sound of spinning (something like a windy day in a desert with an occasional cricket sound). After a short wait (not immediately) it said ERROR 81, that it's supposed to be a problem with the brake solenoid (according to the lisa repair do-it-yourself from Sun Remarketing), but, How can it be possible if I can hear the brake solenoid releasing?. Then, there wasn«t HD option on start-up menu, just floppy (pressing apple-2).

  I'm really puzzled about that. How can I fix it?   Thank you anyway,


  PS: The following are previous messages as context to the problem.

Hi German,

Does the hard disk spin up?

If not, then the solenoid repair won't help. Try flipping the flywheel (right after you turn on the power) with the eraser end of a pencil to see if it will go.

After spinning up, is there a "clack" sound (from the solenoid), followed by some "squeaking"?

If not, then you need to check/adjust the solenoid again.

If so, then the drive is working, check the cables are connected. Unplug and re-plug the data connector and I/O board to wipe the contacts. If that doesn't help, you may want to try to re-initialize it and reinstall the software (note that this destroys all data already on the hard disk!).

Good luck!


>I am from La Plata, Argentina and have a Macintosh XL (ROM H/88) wich
>I have just finished fixing the keyboard and the Diskette drive eject
>I want to ask you about START ERROR 82 because I have fixed the
>solenoid (according to the lisa repair do-it-yourself from Sun
>Remarketing) and the Hard Disk started and said ERROR 84, but, later
>on, when I restarted, the hard disk didn«t function again and went
>back to ERROR 82.
>How can I fix it?

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