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From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 19:44:22 -0500

I received an email and phone call from Christie at MacZone today, the first I've heard from them in ages and ages. I guess the email campaign and article on Low End Mac got their attention.

Christie indicated that I have not been dropped from the MacZone affiliate program, which will make a lot of people who emailed me very happy. They changed affiliate services last month, and that roughly coincided with Verizon DSL and MacMall dropping us from their affiliate programs.

MacMall has stated in writing that they removed us from their program "due to customer complaints of posted messages" -- in other words, the campaign of Rick Bauer and others to undermine our financial support.

Thanks to all who have emailed, called, and written these companies. We will restore MacZone affiliate links over the weekend. We haven't heard anything further from MacMall yet.

On the other subject, the list server still doesn't work exactly as it should. While it is no longer sending spurious "request to subscribe" emails, that doesn't mean the other problems have disappeared. We can't do a blessed thing about the "failure to deliver" messages, nor can we reset the bounce counter, but any other issues related to your list subscription should be sent directly to me (or one of the nannies on list with list nannies) to switch mode, unsubscribe, etc. when the server won't cooperate.

For the record, I did not intend the email about MacMall, MacZone, etc. sent to several lists as a conversation starter. It was intended as an update on our current circumstances since these email lists are intimately bound to Low End Mac. Please, lets not get into debates about religion, politics, and free speech. That's beyond the scope of these lists.

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