Monthly reminder from Mom and something new

From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:13:51 -0500

Monthly reminders and something new:
  1. If you have problems with your subscription -- switching mode, unsubscribing, etc. -- email me at An please mention the list(s) you're on so I know where to look. We are running over 30 lists these days.
  2. If your messages are being rejected by the server, read the bounce message. It will explain why. Attachments (including Vcards), styled text, multipart messages, and non-standard character sets are all possible reasons a message may be rejected. Not changing the subject when replying to the digest is another. (Reply to a single message, not the whole digest -- change the subject line.)
  3. We have 30-some lists, most of which have more members today than ever before. There are almost always new people on the list. Be considerate of them.
  4. Quote selectively. Never quote the entire original message right down through the footers. Never. Only quote the relevant bits you're responding to. And always quote enough of the original message that we have some idea what you're responding to.
  5. We encourage bottom posting on our lists. That means you post your response *following* the quoted bits you are responding to. Whether you do this by interleaving your response between paragraphs or in a single chunk at the end of the email is your call.
  6. When a thread changes subject, change the subject line.
  7. I've added a page listing the guidelines used by the list managers (mom and nannies) as well as the responsibilities of list members. This is now linked from the FAQ of each list with the following paragraph:

"The list is expected to handle things responsibly, and members are expected to behave in such a way that the list requires minimal administrative intervention. When action is required, the list mom and nannies will act in accordance with our Rules of List Management. This page also defines terms (ban, block, flame, troll, etc.) and lists the responsibilities of subscribers."

The rules are posted at <>

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