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From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 19:24:21 -0400

Several topics. Please keep this email handy for future reference.

When contacting me about your subscription, please be sure to tell me which list(s) you're on. We run about 30 right now, and I don't have a simple way of finding out what list(s) you may subscribe to.

Three rants about capitalization:

  1. Memory is RAM, for Random Access Memory. It's not Ram or ram.
  2. Cycles are abbreviated Hz in honor of Mr. Hertz. KHz, MHz, and GHz are the correct abbreviations for kilohertz, megahertz, and gigahertz.
  3. The computer is a Mac, short for Macintosh. MAC stands for the Machine Address built into ethernet support circuitry.

As an editor, it drives me nuts to see these used incorrectly. (I guess you have to be a bit anal to be an editor....)

We have no control over the bounce messages generated by the Maclaunch server, nor can we manually reset the bounce counter. We cannot access the bounce counter.

If you get bounce messages from the list server and your replies are rejected, try removing everything from the subject line except for the number and also deleting the entire body of your reply message. That seems to work.

(I don't know why the list server refuses to acknowledge emails with attachments or styled text, but we have no control over that.)

Everyone hates spam -- and we can help you fight it. Email addresses at are available for US$6 per year, and we use Spam Assassin to identify and label probable spam. This isn't a challenge-response system. Spam Assassin looks at the email, scores each message based on factors usually found in spam, and clearly marks them as spam in the subject line.

However, it doesn't delete the spam -- it knows that it could misidentify a message, so it leaves it up to you to delete your spam. But having messages marked **SPAM** sure helps.

Email addresses at are only available to members of our email lists, and the $6/yr helps defray hosting costs for our domains.

For those who want more than just an email address, we also offer email addresses, personal Web space, and more at An email address is $12/year -- and also protected by Spam Assassin.

<> for more on LEMlists email accounts.

<> for email and more.

For the record, I invest about 40 hours a week in Low End Mac and about 20 more working part time at a local camera shop. I don't have enough time to keep tabs on everything in a timely fashion. Sometimes I don't get through the lists for a week or two. That's one of the reasons we have list nannies to help out on the busier lists.

If we can generate enough income from LEMlists and, I can cut back on the camera store job and dedicate more time to Low End Mac, including creating our own mailing list software that will address all of the shortcomings of the current software. Until then, it's mostly a pipe dream.

I have the new list manager all outlined, but there just aren't enough hours to do much work on it, especially working 1-1/2 jobs. It's going to be the best thing going when it's done. I'll be able to see what lists you receive by typing in your email address. We'll have a single address database, so I won't have to update several lists when someone's email address changes. We'll be able to strip out the styles from styled text and the attachments, making it that much easier for everyone to post. And we'll even strip the footers that sometimes get quoted, as well as the ads some services add to outbound messages.

Like I said, I have very big plans for the list software, but the only way it's going to happen is if I can cut out at least one day a week from my part time job. Signing up for LEMlist or services is one way you can help that become a reality.

Thanks for your support!

Dan the listmom

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