Re: Lisa 2/5 rejuvenation

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 09:19:21 +0200

Hi Phil,

first: Hi there, you're one of a small group within europe, who ownes two Lisas. I'm Tom from Bavaria and I will try to help you with your Lisa(s)

> ... Bootup proceeded as far as the screen for
> selecting a startup device. I was able to navigate through the startup
> device selection screen using the keyboard but the mouse did not work.
Seems to me, that there is a major problem with your motherboard. Either the Lisas Mouse-Plug is damaged or (one of) it's contacts are broken, or - I'd check this first, cause of leak the backup-battery, the contacts and connections of the motherboard are damaged due to corrosion. This happens very often. You only have to disassemble the motherboard-rack, where the I/O the CPU and the RAM Boards are plugged in. If you have a low-ohm-meter, you can trace all the connections between the plugged vertical I/O Board and the horizontal motherboard.

> ... I created a 400K Lisa boot disk and tried
> booting from that instead. Lisa B hung when trying to boot from floppy
> and I was forced to remove the power cord to switch it off.
There are several different Lisa OS, which are not compatible. Could be, that you tried to boot a Lisa XL with a ScreenKit by using a Boot-Disk for a Lisa 2 without ScreenKit. Then after booting the Mac Emulation you can see nothing than grey on your screen.

> (My conclusion from all of this is that the video circuitry in both
> Lisa A and B is OK.)
Right !

What about your power-supply. When you try to push the power-on-button, and nothing happens, this could be the cause of corrodet connections between mother- and i/o board; BUT this could also be a not very well working switching-power-suppy.
Lisas PS measure the current and the voltage, when starting up. If something's going wrong e.g. too much current, the the power supply immediately shuts down. This overcurrent can be adjusted, after opening the PS. But be very careful with this, due to high voltage and you can damge more than you will repair by doing this.

Just give me a short mail
> I own a new 2/10 IO board. Will this work (ie boot enough for testing)
> on the 2/5 motherboard if I unplug the floppy drive?
> Phil

greetings: TOM from Bavaria, the country of the alps, marvellous castles of Koenig Lugwig and the original octoberfest P.S. please excuse my not really perfect english, my german is much better than foreign languages, you can imagine.

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