Re: How to Clean Logic Boards

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 12:50:22 +0200

Hi Dan,

I'm Thomas from Bavaria in Europe and will try to help you with your Lisa
> battery pack was corroded and spots of corrosion were spreading out
> ...Will it run without the battery?
Yes, your Lisa will startup and run without battery, too
> I'd like to clean up all the boards. Suggestions?
First, be very careful !
The I/O Board has several layers, and you can only see the top-layer, which may be also corroded. When you try to clean the board you can cut of some of the small strips on the board manually.
But you should also stop corrosion due to the acid of the batteries. Wipe it away with a smooth tissue, then try to inactivate the acid with soap-water to prevent further corrosion.
> about various methods of washing boards in the dishwasher or with
> alcohol or whatever.
I would not do this ! You can destroy the components (Caps) on the board with too much water, or when drying in the dishwasher the integrated circuits could be damaged by overtemperature. Alcohol is very good to remove dirt (like fat) but it also removes the printing on the boards. Only an optical damage, but the whole white printig on the board can be removed by alcohol and when you go on you can remove all the "painting". The next will be the green or grey lamelling until the whole board is half transparent. Be very careful with that.
> My XL does not boot ...
The corrosion cut off several strips. Try to measure all connections you can see and repair them by soldering thin wires. But unfortunately the corrosion could have destroyed some connections further down (layer 2 or 3) and it's a hard work to repair them... no chance without a schematic Better you look for a replace Board

greetings Tom from Bavaria, the country of the alps, the origin octoberfest

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