How to Clean Logic Boards

From: Dan Pennington <penndan_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 15:03:58 -0500

I bought an XL from one of the Lisa List members and it sits proudly in the center of my collection old Macs - mostly compact Macs and one Portable.
The first thing I noticed after I opened the back door was that the battery pack was corroded and spots of corrosion were spreading out from the battery on the I/O. When I checked the charge of the battery, the needle of my multimeter just barely moved. I decided to remove the battery to stop any further corrosion of the I/O board. Looking closer, I saw that the positive strap on the battery was completely corroded through where it is soldered to the board. so I unsoldered the negative strap and clipped the plastic tiedown and removed the battery. And that's where it stands. Will it run without the battery?
I'd like to clean up all the boards. Suggestions? There have been discussions on some of the other LEM lists that I get about various methods of washing boards in the dishwasher or with alcohol or whatever. Has anybody tried these things on a Lisa? Results?
My XL does not boot and so I think there are other issues than just the battery, I'll deal with those later. For now. I just want to clean it up so no further corrosion damage occurs.
Dan Pennington
Brooklyn Park, MN

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