Floppy fixed! Boots, but disk problem ...

From: Stephen M. Jones <smj_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 03:58:59 -0500 (CDT)

The advice that solved my floppy drive issue:

If your floppy moves the head "forward" to front or step-motor for the disk-spin the IC 103 is corrupted (straight below the motor for the head). If your floppy moves the head "backward" to step-motor for the head probably only your sensor is out of order. Unplug it at CN103 and try again, or take a look, whether the sensor is full of dust or grease, or there's a shortcut due to lubrications. The sensor is relative sensitive to various resitances caused by an oily shortcut :-))

That was it, I cleaned the sensor with a soft paper towel and found an oily residue on it.. I put it back in the machine and .. its works! Thanks!

So after taking the HD out of my SE and hooking it up via firewire to my powerbook to copy over DiskCopy 4.2 and the LISA Images (it was the fastest way ;-) I was able to boot LISA OS disk one! .. when I get to the menu to either finish, repair, install or restore, I tried both REPAIR and INSTALL and both cases the lisa reported that 'no additional disks were found'.

When I turn on the lisa the firmware sees a floppy and a fixed disk. When I attempt to boot off the fixed disk I can hear the drive calibrate and then it gives an error 82. I tried repeatedly to get it to boot and each time it would calibrate, then 'beep, beep, beep' 82.

However, during the floppy LISA install *or* repair I never hear the drive being accessed nor does the LED flash.

I was under the impression the images I got were LisaOS 3.1 .. however, they state they are LisaOS 3.0 1983, 1984 .. but that shouldn't make a difference, right?

Are there any buckybits I can use to get the LisaOS disk one to do more magical things, or am I stuck with the menu options.

I don't think the drive is dead, its actually spins nicely and doesn't make any strange scraping or funky calibration sounds.

I would like to do my best to 'repair' the internal drive .. I'm damn curious to see whats on it ;-)


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