Re: Installing Lisa OS on ProFile

From: Chris Smolinski <csmolinski_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 08:51:09 -0400

Well, I got it to work, here's what I did in case anyone else runs into this:

[The problem btw was the Lisa Office installer didn't recognize an external profile drive plugged into a parallel card on a Lisa 2/10 which had the internal widget drive removed]

I took a bad 10mb widget drive, and went ahead and plugged it in (the drive mechanism is shot, but the controller may partially work). The Lisa generates an error 82 with it plugged in. Anyway, the Lisa OS installer sees it, and more importantly, sees the external profile drive now. So I was able to install Lisa OS on it. I got to re-remember how brain dead the installer is, if one of the floppies is bad, you need to re-start the whole procedure over again, you can't just re-burn another disk from image and keep going. Grrr... I got to experience that three times.

The Lisa boots fine off the profile plugged into the external port. I may try making a cable to plug it into the widget cable, but it works for now.

Now, something else I have forgotten how to do - I can't remember how to copy the Office tools to the hard drive! Or is that even possible? It's been so many years since I tried.


Chris Smolinski
Black Cat Systems

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