Re: My sick 2/10

From: Jason Perkins <quanda_computing_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 11:54:12 -0600

David, thanks VERY much for that schematic. I had been searching and searching but could only find the one for the 1.2a unit.

I have tried powering the Lisa with the drive cage removed, same result. I also tried unplugging the CRT board, same result, except that the whump was louder. I also cleaned all the edge connectors but that didn't change anything either.

I have not tried powering it on with the ram cards removed. I'll try that now.

Here's something possibly important: When I originally got the lisa, the third pin from the yellow plactic piece on the first expansion slot was bent, and was contacting the pin acrost from it. I have a piece of paper in there now, insulating it. I had removed the motherboard from the metal base and didn't see any burnt traces or anything.

Thanks for the quick replies! At this rate I'll be able to have her at least powring on by the December! I have a NOS CRT waiting to go in as soon as I can get her to power on :)


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