Re: My sick 2/10

From: Macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:57:28 +0200

Hi !!!

> Removed the entire card cage. Nothing happened ... assume this is normal
Yes, this is normal :-)
> I made a recording of the sound.
Cool !
This is the described "Whump". We're on the right way to find the error.
> ...after the thwump ... hear kind of quick high pitched sqweak.
Yes, this is an overcurrent PSU. But we are already checking the symptoms.
> So perhaps there is a short somewhere else?
Somewhere else? Very unlikely. Patience, please. Try to go on step-by-step, if you look after several symptoms, you will loose the real error out of sight. We have a cool sentence for that here in bavaria: "You then can't see the forest, cause of the many different trees in there"

> I had taken Lisa mostly apart ... I also turned her upside down and shook
> her really hard...

Oops. Don't treat the old lady to hard ! Women over 20 years had to be treated smooth, or the may become very angry :-)))
> I will try checking voltages next. I would like to check at the line
> supplying the Widget,

The connections are, if your data-ribbon cable is on the left side and the power cable on the right and at the right edge you can see a pin standing out of the board, marked with TP1.
>From left to right 8 connectors with 7 cables are:
(+5V) (+12V) () (Ground) (+12V) () (empty) (-12V)

> and if possible, right at the power supply.
Plese do this first, and mail again. The rest of the proceedure is very complex compared to the measuring work you have to do now

> Is there any way I can 'trick' the power supply into turning on ...
Yes there is a "trick". But first make some measures.

> ... it looks like one of the connectors is +300v!
Yes, there is high voltage. I mailed you in my last mail, didn't I do so? If you really want to go on (after you made your measures), then you will have to confirm, that you are familiar with electrical safety rules and perhaps there is someone (an radio- or tv-mechanic), who will do that for you. There's risk: danger of life

... but first do some measures :-))

greetings TOM from bavaria

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