Re: Jumpy Video

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 13:17:21 +0200


there are two possible errors depending on what "jumps" means.

> the vertical height of the image jumps from normal size to very narrow
> with a large black border, and back
If the monitor's height jumps flickering, it possible will be a dirty pot on the video board. If I remember right it must be one of the two in the center of the six pots top on the board or the right one. Just try to adjust the a little and see, what happens. But beware of high voltage near the tube !!!
Or check the correct connection of the plug from the board to the tube deflection untit (sometimes the plugs connection to the board is faulty too)


if the height slides slowly from min. to max. and back again, then this could be wrong.
Take a look at a vertical mounted coil in the center of the videoboard. I have seen several Lisas with overheated coils for deflection. Some of them were no more coils they have been a chaotic ball of wire, because the coils core has melted. But the Lisas still worked :-)
Or check the perhaps afterwards mounted second coil(glued on the right vertical metal housing near the tube, which is connected serial between the two plugs of the board and the tube deflection untit. But I think you don't have such an additional coil, because you wrote you have a non modified Lisa 2...

greetings from TOM from Bavaria !

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