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From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 09:37:30 +0200

Hi !

you wrote:

"Private collections are OK, but it really would be valuable for there to be a museum or some sort of central repository for Lisa tech."

Well I don't know all the facts about the various efforts to turn some private collections into museums all over the world

BUT in central europe there are nowadays two possible tendencies:

People often make donations to public museums or
There were founded many non-public museums in universities or technical high schools

I personally collected Apples and Macs for dozends of years - of course Lisas too!
Later I made donations (by giving away several Lisas) to two public technical museums in southern germany and one museum for students in a university.
I also sold Lisas to museums in switzerland or private collectors in
switzerland, italy, spain, hungary and netherlands. To spread a collection is one way to keep them alive. Nature does this evolutionary proceeding since millions of years, so I hope it will work in this way, too :-)

But, nobody can stop private (rich) collectors to buy and hide some precious items of this area of computer history at last. I remember selling one of the very rare Lisa Prototypes to a guy in switzerland... and never heard about in publications or notes about this public museum he wants to found :-(

and you wrote:
"Apple should do more in this area."

Well, as far as I know. Apple does much more in this area than people often know!
I had had a contact to a person, who collects low-serial-numbered computers in name of one of the 5 top persons of Apple Computers Inc. - if I could express this that way.
I have e.g. a premium (no scratches, no yellowing plastic) Apple III with serial number 000682, which this guy was very interested in... but I didn't sell it.

I still don't know, for whom that possible buyer collects those items. He didn't tell me - no way. Although I told him, if he would tell me, I would sell this III if he gives me the name of this person and he can proove that in some way.

Perhaps somebody out there knows more about, or has some knowledge about the (private or VIP-Public?) collection of Apple Computers Inc. ?

greetings: TOM from bavaria, the center of Europe and the country of the Alps, the marvellous castles of koenig Ludwig and the soon coming original Octoberfest in Munich

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