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From: Philip Lord <philip_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 23:19:22 +0900

Hi Lisa List,
I have a couple of quick questions.

If a lisa 2 had all it's internal boards (IO, Mother, CPU and RAM) dated 1982, would it be a fair guess that this was a Lisa 1 that has been upgraded to a Lisa 2? I have also noticed that at the back the drive cage some small modifications (cut away some of the metal) have been made to make room for cables leading from the lisa to the 'Lisa Lite adaptor' board. This 'lite adaptor' board is also the only board in the machine dated 1993.

This machine has a 1.2 Amp power supply, that will stay on for a short time, then power down. Some times it won't start at all, and lets out a little 'cheep cheep!' noise (like a bird) when you hit the power button. Has anyone had this problem before? If it is the power-supply that is dying, can a more reliable 1.8 amp power supply be used to replace a dying 1.2 amp version without any modification?

Also, when going through it's self diagnostics, it gets an error 57 in the IO board. I have read from the 'Do it yourself' guide from Sun Rem that this is a 'Disk controller' problem and may also have something to do with the Lisa Lite card. Any ideas what I should check first?

Thanks in advance.
I know there are some crazy knowledgeable people on this list, and I'm hoping these questions will be easy.



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