Re: Question about 1 vs 2

From: Rick <lisa2_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 10:07:42 -0500

> If a lisa 2 had all it's internal boards (IO, Mother, CPU and RAM)
> dated 1982, would it be a fair guess that this was a Lisa 1 that has
> been upgraded to a Lisa 2? I have also noticed that at the back the
> drive cage some small modifications (cut away some of the metal) have
> been made to make room for cables leading from the lisa to the 'Lisa
> Lite adaptor' board. This 'lite adaptor' board is also the only board
> in the machine dated 1993.
It's my understanding that all Lisa's have some board dates of 1982, and this alone does not indicate a Lisa1 conversion. Other Lisa 1 clues to look for may be:
1. An original Lisa mouse (with funky clip connector), later Lisa2's used the mac mouse with thumbscrews.
2. Early SN# or AppleNet#
3. A gold and ceramic package CPU
4. A resistor (R47?) on the IO board

> This machine has a 1.2 Amp power supply, that will stay on for a
> short time, then power down. Some times it won't start at all, and
> lets out a little 'cheep cheep!' noise (like a bird) when you hit the
> power button. Has anyone had this problem before?
> If it is the power-supply that is dying, can a more reliable 1.8 amp
> power supply be used to replace a dying 1.2 amp version without any
> modification?
Using the 1.8 P/S works well and is a popular and common upgrade for all Lisa's. It's a plug and play replacement for the 1.2amp unit.

> Also, when going through it's self diagnostics, it gets an error 57
> in the IO board. I have read from the 'Do it yourself' guide from Sun
> Rem that this is a 'Disk controller' problem and may also have
> something to do with the Lisa Lite card. Any ideas what I should
> check first?
If the I/O card was swapped from an other unit, check the Floppy controller ROM ver. You may have the 800K ROM for a 400K drive or vice-versa.

Hope this helps,

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