Re: Lisa keeps shutting itself off

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:07:12 +0200

Hi !

let me make some additional remarks:

>> My Lisa indeed has a 1.2A power supply (no idea why Sun Remarketing
>> decided to keep it hobbled with the original PSU after they installed
>> a hard drive in it...).
> __The 1.2 amp PSUs do have a temp sensor in them which will shut the
> system down if it overheats.

Well, this doesn't cause a proper shutting down Lisa. I don't believe, that this is an overtemp-problem at all.
> I would try turning down the brightness on the back of the machine
> along with a fan blowing on the PSU. With the brightness lower, there
> is less load on the PSU.
Yes, but this will not solve the problem :-)

If you want to run your Lisa with an internal hard drive, you must have an 1.8A PS. Everything else makes no sense. Unplug the HD and try to boot your Lisa from disk(s), it should not shut down. If she does, then remove one Memory-Board if you have two inserted and interchange the Boards, perhaps there's something like a "Stack-Overflow" due to a weak Mem-Board, which will cause the Lisa to reboot. Of course it IS NOT a "Stack-Overflow", but I don't know the english word of that technical expression :-)

I speak much better german than english :-)

greetings TOM from Bavaria, the center of europe, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig e.g. Neuschwanstein and last but not least the original Oktoberfest !

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