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From: Shirl <shirlgato_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 20:29:40 -0700

Hi Anthony,

Your comments about the Amazing and Alice games are interesting reading. Andy Hertzfeld's Macintosh Folklore web site ( has the Amazing story you mention.

I have the source listing to Amazing which I got from Steve Capps many years ago. This was written mostly in Lisa Pascal with a bit of 68000 assembly language using the Lisa Monitor development environment. As you said about Alice's programming, Amazing too contains hardware dependent features. I recall Amazing was written for the original Macintosh's small black-and-white screen and updated the screen's memory buffer directly instead of using the LisaGraf (opps, I mean QuickDraw) graphics library.

Q: Can you send me a copy of the Alice disk you have in disk copy format? I don't have a copy of this game and would like one if possible. I can send you the Amazing program and source listing.

From: Anthony Moss <ajmoss_at_email.domain.hidden> To: "LisaList" <lisalist_at_email.domain.hidden> Subject: Re: Alice
Date: Wed, Nov 23, 2005, 6:59 AM

"Shirl" wrote:
> Apple's first Lisa game was most likely the MAZE program written by Steve
> Capps, the author of the ALICE game. I recall reading a ST. MAC maqgazine
> article about MAZE which talked about its origins on the Lisa. I believe
> ALICE came after MAZE.

If you Google for information about Andy Hertzfeld's program Switcher for the Mac 512K, you'll find various anecdotes about its creation. One of them involves a letter from Bill Gates to Andy, saying how delighted he was with the demo version of Switcher, and how he had wasted far too much time playing
Amazing (Steve Capps' maze game, that Andy used to demo Switcher).

> You should try to contact Steve Capps directly and see if he has the Lisa
> version. If he does, you may not be able to run it since it most likely was
> written for the LISA MONITOR environment which is super rare. This
> environment was Apple's internal development environment for the Lisa
> predating the LISA WORKSHOP environment. The other Lisa environment from
> Apple was the LISA OPERATING SYSTEM which was used by the LISA OFFICE
That doesn't surprise me too much. I've looked at Alice for the Mac with ResEdit, and it does all sorts of naughty things, like writing the title screen directly to video memory, and not using the Mac's system of resources.

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