[lisa] Low End Mac lists on Google Groups

From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 09:12:20 -0500

Low End Mac fans,

In response to notes that messages on the various lists are coming from the same Google email address, I've added prefixes to the subject lines for each list. At this point, we've moved about 2/3 of our lists to Google Groups. They are:

[1st] 1st PowerMacs - pre-PCI Power Macs
[a2] Apple II
[gb] G-Books (for G3/G4 iBooks and PowerBooks)
[gl} G-List (for G3/5 Power Macs)
[imac] iMac List
[swap] LEM Swap
[lisa] LisaList
[max] MaX - *nix on Mac hardware list
[can] Mac Canada
[os9] Mac OS 9
[uk] Mac UK
[mini] Mac mini
[int] Macintel
[newt] Newton
[obmac] Outback Mac - Australia, New Zealand, and environs
[pci] PCI PowerMacs - pre-G3 Power Macs
[pwr] PowerList - Power Computing clones
[pb] PowerBooks - pre-G3 PowerBooks
[starmax] Motorola Starmax clones
[sm] Umax SuperMac clones
[sys6] System 6
[vmacs] Vintage Macs - all pre-PowerPC models

And our newest list:

[sf] Swap Feedback - for buyer/seller feedback on LEM Swap List
transactions. We ask that buyers and sellers post results of transactions prefixed with "good:" or "bad:" and include the name and email address of the buyer/seller within the body of the posting. If a swap has gone bad, please explain why.

Dan the listmom

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