[lisa] Re: please stop useless communication !!!!

From: Chris <admin_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 03:21:38 -0800

Thanks Dan... I was a little taken aback but I understand, LisaList subscribers probably really love the Lisa and think in terms of preservation/restoration. I would never rip the guts out of a functioning Lisa.. I grew up with Atari computers and would love to get my hands on an 800XL again I understand the nostalga thing.... I also loved my friend's first MacPlus.. I spent hours and hours over there swapping floppies and playing 'radical castle' and 'rogue', I think they were called.

I feel like making a functioning mod that would be used and admired by lots of people is a good use of a non-functional vintage computer... if I find a case I'll be back... and I won't ask tom :)

Btw, for those interested there's a Lisa on eBay right now, bids are currently around $240.. great shape, just needs memory, looks like the manuals and everything are in great shape and the case isn't dinged up.


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