how to format a widget hard disk?

From: luc <luc_huylebroeck_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 23:58:32 +0200

dear lisalist,

i have a lisa 2/10.
the rom version of my lisa 2/10 is H/88
there was no oxidation on the connectors , to be shure , i cleaned all contacts with a pencil eraser.
the floppy drive works ok.
the lisa does alle the tests of the cards , they are ok. then i hear a loud click( the harddisk brake that goes off?) , the hard disk light flashes a few times and the i get an error.

when i insert the LOS floppy ( disk 1 of 5) , i get the lisa 7/7 system 3.0.
i get 4 choices ,
finished , repair,install and restore.

when i choose repair or install , i get another screen:

the lisa was unable to locate a usable disk, there appears to be a problem with the internal disk. the problem may have been that the internal disk was not ready in time to be used. try starting up again from the office system 1 diskette.

another time i got an error: lisa could not write to disk. with an error code: 200/1240

i also did the lisa test ( short version), for two times it reported no errors.

i can boot the macworks ( diskette only) , no hard disk visible or able to format.

how can i format/ check the widget disk?

is it still possible that this error comes from the brake solenoid that is misaligned?
is there a program to format the disk under lisa OS?

is there a place/site where i can download macworks xl? and a program to format the hard disk?
(however i prefer the lisaOS)
als is there a place where in can find LOS 3.1? ( i only found LOS 3.0)

thank you, luc.

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