Re: Help to fix a Lisa error 57

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 10:55:09 -0400

Patrick Symes wrote:
> I need help to fix a Lisa error 57, that is a disk controller problem.
> Any ideas?
The self test code says this:

1136|                       ;  Check disk alive indicator
1136| 4282                          CLR.L   D2              ;clear for
use                          CHG022
1138| 227C 00FC D901                MOVE.L  #VIA2BASE,A1    ;set ptr to
parallel port 6522
113E| 0229 00BF 0010                ANDI.B  #$BF,DDRB2(A1)  ;ensure bit
6 is input
1144| 203C 001C 8000                MOVE.L  #DSKTMOUT,D0    ;set up
timeout count for 15 secs
114A| 0811 0006             @2      BTST    #DSKDIAG,IRB2(A1) ;check
114E| 6606                          BNE.S   @3              ;skip if set
1150| 5380                          SUBQ.L  #1,D0           ;else loop
until timeout (about 8 us per loop)
1152| 66F6                          BNE.S   @2
1154| 7439                          MOVEQ   #EDISK,D2       ;error if
not set                       CHG022


Error 57 comes from the above code (EDISK). It's looking for the DiskDiag line to be set within 15 seconds. You get this error when that doesn't happen.

Which could indicate several things: VIA2 might be bad - very unlikely, especially if you can boot off a ProFile.

It could be a problem with the drive or more likely the Lisa Lite board. It could also be a bad I/O board.

What kind of Lisa do you have? Specifically, which I/O board do you have, and what kind of floppy does it use? 400K? 800K? Is there a Lite board?

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