Re: Re-Introducing the First, and Fully Functional, Lisa Emulator

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 16:30:23 -0800

Hi Hex,

>the author seems to have disappeared... :-/
>Why are you answering everyone elses reqest for help except mine???
>Please help me and stop ignoring me! :-(

Ray has a full time job and a family, so he will be prioritizing his time based on a number of factors; it isn't personal.

If we don't hear from him for a week or three it doesn't mean he has disappeared... he has been working on this for years; I'm sure he is motivated to get any serious bugs resolved, but it will take some time.

We all know that software that doesn't work right can be frustrating, but politeness and patience will probably help make it worthwhile for him.

>screenshot of the error I am unsure of its meaning

[The image shows Lisa startup error 10735]

Error 10735 is "SYSTEM.LLD missing"

I expect that means that you need to get the newest version, but it could be some other problem, such as a problem with the floppy disk image you are trying to boot.

>please tell me if that's the catch 22 you were referring to???

The catch-22 was that the first release wouldn't work without a profile image, and the profile code was broken, so you couldn't create one. Perhaps this was one of the symptoms.

>Does this new release you've mentioned resolve this issue?

Yes, it is supposed to.

Try the latest version. If the problem persists, let us know with:

>By more modern machines are you implying my mac mini is not modern?

He was saying that slower machines might not run the emulator at an acceptable pace (I expect he will be able to improve on this over the next few months). He wasn't implying anything about your particular mini.

As you know, there is more than one version of the mini, and their performance varies. If yours is one of the current models (eg. 1.6 GHz Intel coreDuo), I would put it at the "pretty-fast" end of the spectrum.

Regardless, you get to decide if the performance of a particular version of the software on some particular piece of hardware is good enough for you. In fact, since the Lisa was generally considered fairly slow and sluggish, fast hardware might not give an accurate emulation.

>please zip up the scanned images of the lisa books you have and upload it

You can already find most, if not all, useful Lisa documents on various websites; you might try these:




HTH, James

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