Re: Confused on next steps to get Lisa Apps running

From: Chandra <cbajpai_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 14:43:54 -0000

I believe it created a file with ".image" at the end of them. I'm not sure what do with them.
How do I tell the format?

My fustration level is high enough that I am considering creating a FTP site to store ready-to-go disk images for LisaEmu for anyone to access. I do think Apple cares about 20 year old software for an obselete machine.


On Apr 9, 11:16 am, Ray Arachelian <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Hi Chandra,
> The real question is once you've decoded the HQX file, what file format
> are the images in.
> They could be wrapped in a MacBinII wrapper which would need to be removed.
> They might be Disk Copy 6.x images, or some other third party format.
> Either of these will cause problems.
> If they're plain Disk Copy 4.2 or DART 1.5.x (just the data fork),
> LisaEm will be able to open them.
> I'd try to get a different set of disk images. There was an earlier
> post on this list to an ftp site a few days ago from our friend Hex. I
> suspect that those images would probably be more helpful.
> Chandra wrote:
> > Hi...I just version 1.0 of the emulator running with a profile w/
> > LisaOS 3.1 running successfully. I want to install the Lisa 7/7
> > Applications, but am very confused on what i need to do to get floppy
> > images recognized by the Lisa emulator.
> > Background: Windows XP (only), StuffIt Standard Edition + Expander for
> > Windows
> > What I've done:
> > 1. Downloaded the Lisa 7/7 floppy HQX Images from the various sites
> > mentioned on the mailing list
> > 2. Uncompressed the .HQX files using StuffIt
> > Everytime I time I ask the emulator to load the uncompressed floppy
> > image, it gives me an error
> > I see it's looking for DC42 images, but how do I create them on a
> > Windows XP system?- Hide quoted text -
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