Re: Confused on next steps to get Lisa Apps running

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 11:16:38 -0400

Hi Chandra,

The real question is once you've decoded the HQX file, what file format are the images in.

They could be wrapped in a MacBinII wrapper which would need to be removed.

They might be Disk Copy 6.x images, or some other third party format.

Either of these will cause problems.

If they're plain Disk Copy 4.2 or DART 1.5.x (just the data fork), LisaEm will be able to open them.

I'd try to get a different set of disk images. There was an earlier post on this list to an ftp site a few days ago from our friend Hex. I suspect that those images would probably be more helpful.

Chandra wrote:
> Hi...I just version 1.0 of the emulator running with a profile w/
> LisaOS 3.1 running successfully. I want to install the Lisa 7/7
> Applications, but am very confused on what i need to do to get floppy
> images recognized by the Lisa emulator.
> Background: Windows XP (only), StuffIt Standard Edition + Expander for
> Windows
> What I've done:
> 1. Downloaded the Lisa 7/7 floppy HQX Images from the various sites
> mentioned on the mailing list
> 2. Uncompressed the .HQX files using StuffIt
> Everytime I time I ask the emulator to load the uncompressed floppy
> image, it gives me an error
> I see it's looking for DC42 images, but how do I create them on a
> Windows XP system?
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