Re: Inherited Lisas

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 18:24:04 -0400

Hi Derek,

HomeyD wrote:
> Hi,
> I have inherited 5 Lisas, though I think they are probably all Lisa 2s
> upgraded to Mac XL standard. None are Twiggy models, but all appear
> to be complete (the only one I have thoroughly tested has the Sun
> Remarketing MacWorks suite). Some have external 10MB drives
> (monsters!) and some have internal drives. A few questions:
> - Cleaned up, what can I expect to sell these for?
Depends where and whom you sell them to and the configuration. I've seen them go for $500+ on ebay.

10M external ProFile drives are quite rare, as are internal ones. More commonly, you'd find only 5MB external ProFile hard drives - which themselves are quite rare to find/buy.

> - Is there any way to get the original Lisa OS software?
Yes, there are many copies on the web, but these will be in the form of disk images, and not original floppies & manuals. Those cost more of course.

> - I have a bunch of Lisa Pascal software and manuals, is there any
> demand out there for them?
Sure. I'm sure there are folks on here who'd be interested. If no one here is interested in these items, I'd try the Classic CMP mailing list before putting them up on ebay. see:

The ones with internal 10M hard drives are going to be a bit more valuable as they're Lisa 2/10's.

Personally, I'd try to get them all in working condition, clean them up and test them, then wrap them up in antistatic wrap - at least wrap the exposed ports with antistatic bags, and seal'em up in temperature controlled storage somewhere (keep them out of the light to prevent yellowing) and save'em for my kids, or selling them off in the future but that's just me. :-)

A few things to be wary of:

  1. If any of them have a 4 pack of NiCAD AA batteries on the I/O board and it hasn't yet leaked, you should remove it as quickly as possible before it does.
  2. Never use a cleaning floppy on these unless they have the 800K upgrade as the floppy head cleaner will rip out the piece of felt on the top side of the drive (where the other head would be if it were double sided.)
  3. The grease on floppy drives tends to solidify after a few years, so if yours are working, be thankful, but go through a cleaning cycle where you clean out the grease with WD40 and then apply silicone grease to the rails to keep'em in good condition. (Take care not to spray anything on the r/w head, which can be cleaned separately with denatured alcohol and a cotton swab.)
  4. If you are skillful with a soldering iron, you might consider replacing some/all of the capacitors in the power supply and inside the Lisa. These tend to dry out an die after about 10-15 years, some can pop (explode) and cause damage when the electrolytes spill on other components.
  5. If any of them have the 3A ROM (aka screen modification kit) they will only be able to run MacWorks, so they're less valuable.

You can find more details about Lisa maintenance here:

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