Re: LisaEm 1.0.0-RC2 Available for download

From: gilles <gilles.fetis_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 03:05:19 -0700

Since my emulator doesn't have the LOS srcollbar problem, I suspect a 68000 bug in yours. To be more precise, I think something is wrong in the status register and/or the DCB opcodes.

On 28 juin, 20:00, Ray Arachelian <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> The Lisa Emulator Project, Release Candidate 2 is now ready for
> download:
> The biggest change is in the video handling code. The following
> description on video methods is a bit technical, so skip over it if you
> find your eyes glaze over.
> The rawbitmap method:
> The video updates are now using a hidden API in wxWidgets called
> rawbmp.h, which allows direct read write access to the pixels. This
> isn't a secret API by any means, since wxWidgets is open source,
> however, it is undocumented. To turn this on pass --with-rawbitmap on
> compiling.
> This is a lot faster on OS X, but it crashes win32, and shows a black
> screen on Linux
> The SetRGB wxImage display method:
> An alternate method is also available for systems where rawbmp.h doesn't
> work, such as on win32. Compile using --without-rawbitmap to enable
> this slightly slower mode.
> While this mode is also much faster than the original version on OS X,
> it's slower than rawbmp.
> The SetRGB method builds a wxImage, and access the pixels via the SetRGB
> method, then converts the wxImage into a wxBitmap, and blits the result
> to the display. (On wxWidgets, you can't blit Images, they must be
> converted to wxBitmaps, and there's no SetRGB method on wxBitmaps.)
> The original code which built 4x1 blits has been ripped out. In terms
> of speed, it worked fine on Linux and Windows, but it failed miserably
> on slower OS X machines. The new code is also a big hack, but at least
> it's a good hack. :-)
> The rest of the display mechanism is based on Brian Foley's code, which
> refreshes only the changed data, and schedules CPU execution via a
> timer. While Brian's UI code is a lot cleaner, the main LisaEm wx UI
> code has branched off too far for it to be compatible, so I've adapted
> the code to do what his code does. Future updates will aim for cleaner
> C++ code.
> There may be issues refreshing the display on scrolling, however.
> Another issue, is that the new code causes a bit of fuzzing in the
> antialiased modes. This is due to the color levels used by the new
> code. This will be fixed eventually by trial and error. I suspect that
> tweaking contrast/brightness levels is what's needed.
> The Display refresh rate options have been removed as they're no longer
> needed.
> The biggest improvement is for G4 OS X machines - the new display code
> is fast enough to get a 5Mhz on average for a 500Mhz G4 running OS X
> 10.3.9. It uses about 60M of real memory and about 160M of swap (which
> includes things like profile disk images, and other mmap'ed data) on the
> same G4.
> Other improvements:
> Dual Parallel ROM cheat - if you have this ROM and are using it, the
> power on self test is very painfully slow, especially on older systems,
> the new version bypasses the test routines, so power on time is a lot
> faster. Should future releases of the emulator support other expansion
> port cards, this method can be used there as well.
> NOTE: If you do not enable the ROM cheats when using the Parallel ROM,
> and set the throttle to anything other than 5MHz, the Parallel ROM tests
> will not only take a very long time, but fail since they test CPU vs VIA
> timing.
> Unlike most standard open source software, LisaEm doesn't use
> "./configure; make; make install" autoconf/automake method of building.
> However, Linux distro maintainers have scripts that make use of that, so
> I've built a fake configure script file that builds a makefile which
> acts as a wrapper around the script.
> libdc42 updates allow access to both macbinaryII wrapped DART and
> DiskCopy 4.2 images, and detects Disk Copy 6 images. (Since the
> NDIF/DMG file formats are undocumented, libdc42 cannot support them.)
> Floppy code can now deserialize tools/install disks and offers the
> option on disk mounting.
> Inserting a blank floppy works again. Previously, it either attempted
> to install an existing floppy, or when inserting a blank disk whilst
> running Lisa Office System it would cause LOS to hang when initializing.
> Added raw buffered keyboard mode to compensate for keyboard repeating
> when throttle >5MHz.
> The Lisa's COPS Clock is now decoupled from CPU clock, so that the time
> is accurate regardless of the throttle setting.
> Remaining known bugs:
> Screen blurriness with new display. This is a color levels issue. (new)
> win32 crashes when built --with-rawbitmap (new)
> Linux shows a black screen when built --with-rawbitmap (new)
> There's a problem with MacWorks emulation which has existed for a few
> versions of the emulator - when quitting an application MacWorks gets
> stuck in a loop refreshing the desktop and reading from the floppy.
> This prevents the Hard Drive installer from completing as well. I've
> done a bunch of swap & compile attempts to switch out parts of the
> source code to isolate the code causing this but haven't been able to
> locate the bug.
> Scrollbar arrows overlap in LOS. This has existed since the very first
> versions.

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