Re: Got a Lisa! Now I need to get it running.

From: NateSpin <nspinler_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 23:21:37 -0700

Thanks for the reply. That website will come in very handy! I have taken the keyboard apart and cleaned it, it was actually pretty clean with just a few traces of dust. In fact who ever had this Lisa, and I think it was just 1 owner as some of the paperwork goes back to the late 80s, kept it pretty clean, as I opened it up and found it almost dustless, much unlike the Mac Classic I picked up. I have found that the internal HD has what appears to be Lisa Workshop installed on it (not a GUI environment). I also found that I can hold down Command-2 on startup and get some boot options. It appears to let me boot from floppy, internal HD or external (profile) HD. Unfortunately, the floppy drive doesn't appear to be working and booting from the external ends up producing a system fault. That is a bummer, since until I can get the floppy working, I cannot boot the MacWorks Plus Floppies.

Are both the internal and external HDs referred to as widget HDs? I'll have to get back to you on 'selling' after I have had a chance to really see what I have.

On Aug 18, 11:59 pm, Patrick Symes <patrick_sy..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Yes that looks like a grate deal verses what I payed on ebay about
> $450 and the hard drive does not work on my Apple Lisa, one thing I
> can tell you right now is the date can only be from 1983 to 1995 and
> yes it only be a two digit number. Also there is two knobs on the
> back to fix the screen ( yes like a TV), your keyboard is a nice old
> one have to push hard on the keys, it might need to cleaned with all
> the fun dust and other things that can fall between the keys. Have
> fun with your new vintage Apple Lisa.
> Here is a great website to find all kind's of information...
> p.s. would you be will to sell one of your Widget Hard Drives?, I
> would love to have one that works!
> On Aug 18, 2007, at 8:02 PM, NateSpin wrote:
> > Hey, I just picked up a Apple Lisa 2 off a local craigslisting for
> > $100. I am not sure if that is a good deal or not, but I have never
> > used or seen a Lisa before and thought it would be neat. I do have a
> > few vintage macs (Macintosh Classic, LCIII, Powerbook 1400cs). It was
> > listed as turning on but not booting. I have done an inventory and
> > here is what I have.
> > Hardware:
> > -- Apple Lisa 2
> > ---- model: A6S0200
> > ---- options: A6S0204
> > ---- 3.5" Floppy Drive
> > ---- Lisa Widget internal Hard Drive
> > -- Apple Lisa Keyboard
> > -- Turbo Mouse (Trackball) from Kensington Microware Ltd.
> > -- External Profile Harddrive
> > -- Internal Parallel Card
> > Software / Manuals:
> > -- Lisa Workshop User's Guide - manual
> > -- Lisa Systems Software - manual
> > -- Lisa Language - manual
> > -- May 1985 Software Supplement - manual
> > -- Concepts Computerized Atlas - Manual and original Floppy Disk
> > -- Apple Developer's Handbook - manual
> > -- Lisa Pascal Workshop 3.0 original floppies
> > -- MacWorks Plus v1.1 manual and original floppies
> > -- Lisa Fact Book
> > -- Some really large floppy disks (not for this Lisa)
> > -- Some misc stuff.
> > Now, the problems.
> > 1) The screen is really shaky, like an analog TV tuned into the wrong
> > channel. It occasionally stabilizes, but is on the verge of shaking
> > again. Is there any way to adjust it?
> > 2) The keyboard appears to be a bit flaky. Not sure if the connector
> > is just dirty?
> > 3) After it boots, it ends up on a screen saying that the Current
> > date/
> > time is: Invalid and wants a new date. How do you put in 2007, it
> > only takes a 2 digit year and won't take a 0 as the first number.
> > Well, this is just my five minute update. I really just had time to
> > go though the box of stuff ;)

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