Re: Got a Lisa! Now I need to get it running.

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 08:18:14 -0400

NateSpin wrote:
> Unfortunately, the
> floppy drive doesn't appear to be working and booting from the
> external ends up producing a system fault. That is a bummer, since
> until I can get the floppy working, I cannot boot the MacWorks Plus
> Floppies.
These can be fixed. You can find repair instructions here:

Before you do that can you tell me what version ROMs you are using? You can tell when you power on the Lisa by looking at the top right corner, a bit of text will flash that looks like this: H/88 or H/A8. Do you see 88 or A8?

Also after you power off and unplug the power cord, the Lisa, reach under the front of the face place, and push in the two notches and lift up, the face plate will come off. Then look inside where the floppy drive is. To the left of the drive, do you see a circuit board? If so, your Lisa is using a Pepsi card.

Put the face place on, and go over to the back, next twist the two knobs at the top of the Lisa's case, and pull outwards, the back panel will come off. Look at the top left, how many chips do you see? What are they labled? Are there two ROMs and a 6504 or is there another chip to the very left? If you've got a Lisa 2/10 there should be another chip, which is the IWM, and you probably shouldn't have the Pepsi card.

I think your Lisa is a 2/10, so it shouldn't have the NiCad batteries, but just to make sure, is there a battery pack on the lower right - if there is see my previous post and:

> Are both the internal and external HDs referred to as widget HDs?
> I'll have to get back to you on 'selling' after I have had a chance to
> really see what I have.
The external drives are called Profiles, only the internal 10M drive is called a Widget.

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