Re: uniplus disks imaged

From: Andrew Warkentin <andreww_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 07:00:27 -0700

Ray Arachelian wrote:

>Andrew Warkentin wrote:
>>The installation gets a little bit further in IDLE. The copy appears to
>>succeed, although the boot loader prints "sninit: no drive connected
>>(0x0)". The kernel boots (in LisaEm, the emulator just segfaults), but
>>it appears to hang before reaching userland, at the same place where it
>>hung on the real Lisa. Maybe the init binary is corrupted? It isn't
>>necessarily crashing for the same reason, though; maybe the kernel isn't
>>able to mount the root FS, because it is also printing the "no drive
>>connected" messages.
>>BTW, have you gotten Xenix to boot in LisaEm yet?
>With the next version which isn't yet released and I don't have a
>release date for just yet (1.3.0), yes, Xenix comes up.
>At this time, it boots off the Xenix floppy, but cannot properly talk to
>the Profile hard drive.
>So it has the similar issues to UniPlus.
>The reason for the no-release-date-yet is because I've optimized a
>little bit too much in the CPU core and now it hangs. :-) So if I
>manage to fix it, it'll probably be a little bit faster on some machines.
>The last released Lisaem (1.2.6) cannot run Xenix at all.
>The crashes you see are indeed due to an illegal instruction - at least
>in LisaEm, it encounters an undefined IIB.
>Do you have at least 1MB in your real Lisa? I understand that's a
>requirement for uniplus.
>It may well be that the bins aren't quite right on these disks, they did
>image properly so at least if there is corruption, it's not anything
>that the disk drive noticed. (Made the images successfully with Disk
>Copy 4.2 - if there were physical data errors on the media, it would
>have aborted.)
>Hopefully, it's something that's recoverable.
I don't have a real Lisa (unfortunately). I was looking at the screen shot that jeffB had posted on his site.

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