Re: Backup a Widget ?

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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:04:41 -0500

Duplicating one disk to another within Lisa OS does create a bootable backup. I have done it multiple times.


On Mar 10, 2008, at 4:14 AM, Andrew Warkentin wrote:

> uwe.krull_at_email.domain.hidden wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I do have a similar issue with my Lisa.
>> The LOS 7/7 3.1D is only installed on the external Profile, The
>> Lisa has
>> a internal Wifget drive.
>> I had no chance to get the installation disks fpr LOS 7/7 3.1D
>> (german),
>> Actual the Profile is getting worse, nice sound becomming louder,
>> Just to summerize, the idea is to copy by drag an drop the whole
>> drive
>> on the other drive,
>> and this will copy the LOS , bootable too ?
>> Greetings
>> Uwe
> You cannot create a bootable installation of LisaOS (the Lisa
> Operating
> System, on top of which the Office System runs) from the Office
> System.
> You can only access Office System files (i.e. tools, documents, and
> stationery) from the Office System. LisaOS system files (kernel,
> drivers, boot blocks, etc.) and other "non-Office System" files aren't
> accessible from the Office System. They could be copied with the
> Workshop, since it also runs on top of LisaOS, but I'm not sure if you
> can install boot blocks from it.
> >

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