Using a Lisa 2/10 I/O board in a Lisa 2/5 - resolved

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 18:40:43 -0700

This issue has come up a few times recently...

"How can one successfully use a Lisa 2/10 I/O board in a Lisa 2/5?"

Instructions for doing this are now included in the LisaFAQ:


Thanks are due to John Woodall for his assistance in developing and testing the modifications to the Lite Adapter.

The modifications are nearly as simple as they get, but if you prefer, you can purchase a pre-modified Lite Adapter from John through I believe he also has some 2/10 I/O boards.

For those of you wondering why you would need to do this, note that the very old NiCd rechargeable batteries on the 2/5 I/O board leak and will have corroded the circuitry (make sure you REMOVE YOUR BATTERIES if you have a 2/5!). If the damage is excessive it can be difficult to repair, hence the desire to use a replacement I/O board.

Special thanks to Ray Arachelian for adding the info to, and hosting, the LisaFAQ.


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