Re: Lisa keyboard needed, and VintageMicros

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 09:45:12 -0700

>Complete Lisa systems (working and/or not) often sell on eBay for
>around $300. >As such the economics of selling just the keyboard
>for $279 don't make sense.

Note that VintageMicros isn't asking that price for the equivalent of the keyboard from a $300 Lisa system... it is pretty much guaranteed that such a keyboard will have non-working keys, if not already then imminently, and perhaps many after a little bit more use.

If you only need it for display purposes, that's fine, but if you want a usable keyboard, it would need to be disassembled and have the little foam pads replaced, key by key.

And that's what he is offering, an old keyboard that has had a substantial amount of labour added to it to bring it back into a durable working state.

Instructions for repairing a Lisa keyboard are in the FAQ:


So, when you ask for a discount on this item, you are (unknowingly) suggesting his own time is not so valuable, instead of that he take a little less profit from something he has sitting on the shelf.

It is, of course, John's right to alienate customers, and (potential) customers to feel alienated, and I have no doubt that happens from time to time.

FWIW, I think he is more likely to give a discount once you have proven to be a trouble-free customer. For some odd reason, those that "want something for nothing" in this world (and I'm not suggesting that anyone here is in that category) also tend to be nuisance makers.

Could he be more friendly and gracious about this kind of thing? Yes, I'm sure. Do I blame him for not being so? No, not really. Nor do I blame those who want to save some money, I do too!


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