Re: Need help to identify my New Lisa

From: Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 19:22:14 +0200

Jason Perkins a ˇcrit :
> Look at your keyboard. Are there pull out cards with Office System
> tips? You have a 2/10. No cards? You have an XL.
What do you mean by "pull out card" ? For both my Lisa, keyboard are (seem to be) the same.
>If your system only
> has one memory card, then you defintally have an XL as you need the
> full 1mb of memory to run the Office System.
I have two memory card.
> You might also try cleaning all the contacts. You can get a contact
> cleaning pen at radio shack, or just use a cloth or cotton ball with
> some rubbing alcohol on it. Use a cleaner which leaves no residue.
I will try as soon as possible.
> If the hard disk in the computer says Apple on it, it's called the
> Widget disk. Mine is actually very quiet... guess I got lucky. My
> ProFile is rather loud, though. The trick of leaving the drive on its
> side or upside down overnight does actually work... another great tip
> from the LisaList :D

It's a widget drive (is it SCSI ?) After one hour of trying to make the lisa booting, the noise was louder, it's still spinning, at least !


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