Re: Need help to identify my New Lisa

From: Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 13:16:30 +0200

Jerome Vernet a ˇcrit :

> James MacPhail a ˇcrit :

>> To see/hear a movie of a working widget:
>> <>
>  From starting, to the "click", it make the same noise, but no head move.

>> If your "click" is quieter than the movie, try adjusting the Widget's head
>> brake:
>> <>Ok, so I dismantle everything, I move the soleno•d a little bit. What is
the use of the "head brake"?

What may happen if I do not set the 0.012-inch (3 millimeter, 0.3 cm) feeler gauge ?
I assumed that I need to move all de solenoid, not dismantle it and try to move the screw that are near the head step motor.

I can see that, not powered, the brake doesn't have any contact with the head lever. Is it normal ? I can move the head freely using a screwdriver for example to push the lever.

I will wait for somebody to respond before trying to power it again.

I take the time to clean the disk drive and set grease everywhere, so it can set free any inserted disk.

I take some pictures, to be added to the FAQ.


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