Re: disk sizes, organization, and bugs. (was Re: [LisaEm]LisaCalc not working)

From: Kallikak <ken.wessen_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 00:23:40 -0000

I have the same problem with LisaCalc - it just hangs on startup.

Also, I find the current implementation of preferences quite confusing. I am trying to switch between various profile images - one for LOS 2, one for workshop 2, and one for LOS 3 and Workshop 3. What is the proper way to ensure the preference file is updated and/or used? I frequently find myself in the situation that the preferences being used do not correspond to the preferences in the dialog, so I must be doing something wrong. I notice that there is an entry in the registry with the location of the prefs file (this is on XP) - how do I ensure this gets updated as I change preferences from the dialog?


On Feb 5, 7:08 am, "Jerome Vernet (Orange)" <vernet.jer..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Ray Arachelian a ˇcrit :> Jerome Vernet (Orange) wrote:
> >> LOS 3.1/LisaCalc 3.0
> >> It may be because the Emulated Porfile is full. How create a 10Mb Profile ??
> > Not very likely, I have plenty of space on my 5M profile. Well, quite
> > likely if you told it to share the profile with MacWorks.
> Yes, it was the point. LOS report 400 block free on the Profile, but
> this cause in fact any LisaTool to crash -not the tool itself but
> Lisaem, I think-.> If you want both MacWorks and LOS, you should create separate
> > configurations. That is use the Open/Save Preferences commands under
> > the File Menu. Create a config for MacWorks, another for Lisa Office
> > System, and another for Lisa Pascal Workshop. The emulator will
> > remember which one was last used and will open that one, but you can
> > change it with the Open command.
> That's what i'v finally done.> Each configuration should have its own different ProFile drive. i.e.
> > profile-mw.dc42, profile-los.dc42, profile-lpw.dc42.
> > If you have the dual parallel rom, you can enable one or more of the
> > slots to dualparallel and attach a profile drive to get more space that way.
> I do not have this ROM, need to get them from my Lisa (I have two of
> these card). Same problem than for the Lisa ROM: how to get it ??> Otherwise, you'll have to manually create a 10M disk image. Please note
> > that I've not tested these. You can also use LisaFSH tool (from inside
> > Terminal) to create an empty 10M profile drive like this:
> > echo "quit" | lisafsh-tool --new lisaem-profile10.dc42 10M
> It's working, LisaEm can use this disk image.
> > Here's the log of changes made so far since the 2007.01.28 release.
> > These fixes, and others, will be in the next version:
> > 2007.02.01 - fixed raw keyboard entry - but CPU clock is still too fast,
> > so getting key repeats occasionally.
> Don't forget to look for international keyboard. even if I put my mac in
> US Keyboard, there is still some key missing of missplaced (dot, m, etc).
> > One question I have: how well did MacWorks work for you guys and which
> > version did you use? Early on, I was able to install MacWorks, but

> > always had to boot off the floppy, even to start from the profile. Was
> > I using the wrong version of MacWorks perhaps?
> I'm using MacWork XL 3.0, when there is only macWork on the Profile, it
> will but from it, but if shared with LOS, it will boot on LOS only.
> I tried to install LOS 2.0 from macmothership, but LisaEm say 'not DART
> disk' or something like that? I tried also some other disk, like Lisa
> Test for ROM H, not working too.
> Is there some other software than on macMothership ? Any game, may be ?
> Jerome

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