Re: disk sizes, organization, and bugs. (was Re: [LisaEm]LisaCalc not working)

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 21:08:09 -0500

Kallikak wrote:
> I have the same problem with LisaCalc - it just hangs on startup.

Did you also share the disk with MacWorks, or is this a different issue?

> Also, I find the current implementation of preferences quite
> confusing. I am trying to switch between various profile images - one
> for LOS 2, one for workshop 2, and one for LOS 3 and Workshop 3. What
> is the proper way to ensure the preference file is updated and/or
> used? I frequently find myself in the situation that the preferences
> being used do not correspond to the preferences in the dialog, so I
> must be doing something wrong. I notice that there is an entry in the
> registry with the location of the prefs file (this is on XP) - how do
> I ensure this gets updated as I change preferences from the dialog?
In windows the general preference is stored in the registry - the only thing there is a pointer to the real
preference file. The default should be your profile directory (i.e. %PROFILE% ) in a file named lisaem.conf.

You can save the current preference using the File/Save command and give it a new name. It should update
the entry in the registry to point to this. Then, using the Preferences window change the path to the new profile, and click the save button. Clicking the Save button will write the preferences to the current config file.

You should be able to repeat the process with another file. Then when you want to use a certain configuration, you can use File/Open to load that configuration and when you select Run, it should use that profile setting. You can do the same thing with different roms as well, i.e. the 3A ROM.

At least that's how it should work. If it doesn't let me know and I'll look deeper. Also if you have thoughts on improving that interface, those are very welcome. Received on 2007-02-04 21:08:10

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