Lisa Floppy HELP!!!

From: ruderman <ruderman_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 23:33:58 -0800

Please Help!

I have a Lisa 2/10 with 10mb Internal Widget HD and 5mb ProFile HD.

On the external ProFile I have Lisa Office 3.1 installed

On the internal Widget I have Pascal Workshop Environment.

I had Floppy problems, and have found 3 800k floppy drives from older Macs to use. I have cut the pins on the drives as per the original 800k.

Now my problem is every time I try to boot from a floppy, I get a 10726 error. (10726 Profile error, problem with boot tracks).

I am using a Quadra 700 running 7.5.5 to write the disks. The Quadra's floppy drive writes 400k floppies just fine and can be read by my Mac 512k.

I have tried all my floppy drives and have disconnected the ProFile and Widget HD's with no luck in getting the machine to boot from the floppy.

I can boot just fine into Lisa Office System on the ProFile and Pascal on the Widget. In LOS, I can format and read/write to the floppy.

I am at a loss.. I would like to install LOS on the internal HD and install Mac OS on the external HD.

Any ideas?


ruderman @

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