Re: Lisa Floppy HELP!!!

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 12:42:58 +0200


> I had Floppy problems, and have found 3 800k floppy drives from older Macs
> to use. I have cut the pins on the drives as per the original 800k.
If you use a 800k Floppy, which you modified to use in your Lisa, you of course noticed, that it works and it will be only a 400k after that modification - but it works very slow !
This is because your I/O Controller wasn't programmed for those floppies. It's routines are written down in the ROM on the I/O Board located at A2, top left on the board.
You should find an EPROM there with a label like: 341-0281 or 341-0290 or sth. like that. These are not extremeley different versions of the same routines in that ROM.
But they all can support only 400k floppy-drives !!!

A few weeks ago, I wrote this modification of a newer floppy - by cutting off some of the pins - to replace a lost one or totally defect one in a Lisa. But this is only for testing ! ;-) REALLY

To get your so modified floppy-drive now perfect working, you will have to tell your controller, how-to-do-now. You can do that with hours of soldering and hardware-programming, and you need "higher knowledge" about the pipes for data and control commands comming from the drive and communicatin with the IO-Board. I would not recommand this if you aren't an electronic-engineer and familiar with that :-) else:

The second way is to replace the socket EPROM on the I/O Board to an EPROM which supports 800 k Drives. It's an 341-8003. Then your modified new floppy-drive works perfect. There are then a few more known different problems, after you change the ROM. Your Lisa can have difficulties with reading 400 k floppies, perhaps. Depends on the boot-ROM-Version... and conflicts with the -8003

> Now my problem is every time I try to boot from a floppy, I get a 10726
> error. (10726 Profile error, problem with boot tracks).
Yes, of course. Your floppy-drive works to slow. The routine waits for some seconds and then the Error-Routine comes up with the message 10726. This is not the correct one, cause the programmer could not know, that this kind of drive is set to work in a Lisa at this time. Usually hard-disks show that delay and so that message could appear.

A second Error, concerning this message, could be: Your Floppy is corrupted, or your floppy-drive doesn't work properly. Check this first with a second Lisa (if available), it will be less work.
> I am using a Quadra 700 running 7.5.5 to write the disks. The Quadra's
> floppy drive writes 400k floppies just fine and can be read by my Mac 512k.
Oops ! Only if you have a Mac 512k with an 400k-drive and there it will work perfect, then everything is ok with the disks. I recommend to use a Mac128k, 512k or Plus to write the disks. If you use a Quadra, there are known problems, due to it's built-in 1,44 MB Super-drive. Try to write the disks with your 512k, and everything should be ok.  

TOM from Bavaria, the country of the alps...the original octoberfest

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