Re: Lisa 2/10 widget drive problems ..

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 19:51:01 -0400 (edt)

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Stephen M. Jones wrote:

> Ahh, okay. Both the drive and the widget board have an LED each. I'm
> assuming the POST is the initial test that runs when the LISA is turned
> on.
> Here is what happens when I turn on the LISA:
> 1. The widget board LED flashes and the drive LED lights up briefly.
> 2. The drive then spins up and then, it flashes as it calibrates then
> it goes solid
> 3. If I try to boot off the hard disk, the widget LED will flash, then
> the drive will seek/head calibrate, then the widget LED will flash
> again .. then the lisa goes 'beep, beep, beep' error 82.

82 means "Drive doesn't answer" - not sure what that means, but could be a cable issue again... It does sound like it to me. The LED means "Ready" unlike most HD LED's of today. So when it's not flashing, it means there's no access...  

> If I continue and boot off the floppy, when I select either 'repair' or
> 'install' I get the message "the lisa is looking for attached disks",
> the LEDs just remain solid and the drive does not seek .. then I get a
> message "no usable drives were found"

>From what I know of the Lisa's POST - and it's more than I'd like to know,
it doesn't check for much on the Widget drive. Just it's presence so it can put up a menu option to boot off it, or to attempt to boot off it. But it may not have tested it...

> So it would seem that the Lisa POST (if that is what the test is called)
> seems to be able to see the disk, but because of error '82' (anyone know
> what that might be?) that it can not find a boot image.
> Oh, google just told me what an '82' is:
> 82 Internal HD Drive doesn't answer
> Now as far as the LisaOS disk 1 doing nothing with the internal disk,
> I'm at a loss. I've already tried taking out the drive and checking
> the cables, what I could do next is take it apart and check the components
> (just to be sure no one assumes this, I'm not going to *open* the drive).
> Hopefully I can recover this piece of hardware without having to replace
> it.

Well, it does say on the screen "Lisa is looking for attached disks..." could mean it's looking for a parallel port drive... From what I know, your Lisa should either not have an external parallel port - unless you have the dual port card, or you should see a ribbon cable plugged into the parallel port going back inside the case. The Lisa 2/10's shouldn't have any external parallel port from what I recall. The port is internal to the motherboard, and that will go to the drive area...

It's far more likely that you'll have dirty contacts, so try to wipe any junk off the connectors first...

So tighten the cable like you planned and clean the contacts, and failing that, take the motherboard rack out (carefully), and take the widget drive out and attempt to test each pin on the ribbon cable with an ohm meter. Put one probe in the drive area, and the other where the motherboard was attached - might need two people to do this... If you feel it's worth it, you can try to extract the cable - but be careful.

If you find a broken wire, you can patch another one. CAREFULLY! Get an Xacto knife and slowly shave off the plastic coating off the wire you think is crimped - then attach another to it. A light bit of solder will do, be careful not to melt the plastic off it's neighbors...

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