New version of LisaEm up for downloads

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:06:28 -0500

This includes OS X PPC, win32, Linux binaries, PDF documentation, as well as
source code.

I didn't get a chance to build the OS X Intel version, I'll do that tonight and post it up tomorrow. (Or you can just compile it yourself.)

A ROM dumper will be available in about a week. (Thanks James!)


LisaEm Known current Bugs for 2007.03.14 version
Lisa Emulator Change History               

2007.03.13 - found a fixed config bug: serial b options copied from port a.

2007.03.11 - Proper BMP's are now generated for printing, conversion to PNG

             format works, but is a little bit off - background is gray,
             should be white as in paper white.

- added command line ability to load preferences file when
launching. i.e. ./lisaem ~ray/macworks.lisaem will open the macworks.lisaem preferences file from user ray's home.

2007.03.10 - getting closer on proper BMP generation for printing

2007.03.09 - skins on/off added to Display menu.

2007.03.08 - video modes are a bit smarter - if display size is too small,

             will refuse to change video modes and will instead switch to
             lower mode, or shut off skins.

- re-enaled 2Y and 2X3Y video modes (skinless of course.) with
checks for display size.
- skin/less mode switch no longer requires restart of emulator.
Extra space past display region is blackened to ameliorate window sizing bugs.
- Preferences "Apply" button (was save in preview versions)
closes Preferences window.

2007.03.06 - added skinless option (bug: size of window is too small/off). One

             blit less during skinless mode so it's a bit faster on older

- NMI key can be forced now.

2007.03.02 - Video mode, sound effects, asciikeyboard as globally saved prefs.

2007.03.01 - added NMI key to keyboard menu.

2007.02.28 - new IW code printouts sort of works.

2007.02.21 - Added Preferences panel for printer settings.

2007.02.20 - added size dialog box when creating profile (5/10MB, etc)

2007.02.18 - unified

2007.02.05 - I/O ROM version was getting clobbered by code in floppy.c to

             0xA8 via a #define.

2007.02.03 - cheat_ram_test now a preference.

2007.02.02 - fixed floppy insert on power off

2007.02.01 - fixed raw kb entry - but CPU clock is still too fast.

2007.01.31 - fixed bug causing random crashes, mostly during LOS install. Was

             off-by-one array overflow related to ReDraw_* fn's. Received on 2007-03-14 12:06:30

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